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Monday, January 31, 2011


From "Time to Time" for January 31, 2011

I write to Odyssey Networks' members and friends from "Time to Time," calling my words "T2T." Here's my January 31, 2011 "T2T:"

· Thanks to so many of you who “tuned in” to Odyssey’s first ever Town Hall Meeting on January 11th. We had around 25 members in our studio audience and more than 100 viewing online, making this certainly the largest gathering of Odyssey members in our history! If you missed the meeting you can view it here . Did you like the black Call on Faith tee shirts Odyssey staff were wearing during the Town Hall Meeting? If you would like one, send me your men’s tee shirt size (S,M,L,XL) and the address where you would like it mailed!

· At the Town Hall Meeting we announced the 17 recipients of Odyssey’s 2011 Member Production Grants. You can see the list of grant recipients here . Here’s one pick up of our Odyssey news release on these grants - read it here . The Episcopal Church wrote their own grant-recipient news release here and I suspect we’ll see others. Our 2011 grants were a record amount ($325,000) to a record number of members.

· Also at the Town Hall Meeting, another grant opportunity was announced, Let’s Do Launch, a marketing plan to help you promote Call on Faith with your constituencies. Two $7,500 grants will be given to the best conceived and executed marketing plans. The funds will help your organization produce short video for Call on Faith – globally pushing out your message and brand! Details are online here .

· And also at the Town Hall Meeting, more details were announced about our 2011 Odyssey Member Gathering which will be held May 9 – 11 at the Desmond Tutu Center here in New York City. This gathering will include a special May 10th event, “9/11, the Conversation We Never Had,” which will feature keynote addresses by Eboo Patel, David Saperstein, and Bishop Yvette Flunder. Please hold these dates and watch for more details. You’ll want to plan to arrive around noon on the 9th and leave in the afternoon of the 11th.

· Can you help us spread the news about Call on Faith? Our focus groups have told us that the #1 way folks learn about new apps to buy is on their app store. So, those of you with smart phones, please go to your app store (iTunes, Blackberry World, Droid Marketplace), and rate Call on Faith. If you have time, a few words about why you like it so much would be welcome as well. These ratings help not only to inform browsers about the value of the app, but can push Call on Faith into a featured more prominent position in the store.

· We are starting to see nice words written by app reviewers about Call on Faith! Here’s one . And, Barnes & Noble has chosen to demo Call on Faith for their new NOOK eReader!

· The Huffington Post recently picked up our video of Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf launching his multi-city interfaith tour - watch it here . Imam Rauf is the subject for our first World Interfaith Harmony Week website video on Wednesday, February 2, will be available here . Watch for more videos about World Interfaith Harmony Week on our site later this week and next.

· Nick Stuart continues to blog for the New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good. His January blog, “Prophets of Peace Inspire Us as Hatred Rages,” can be found here . Other public bloggers among our members include Chris Herlinger of Church World Service who blogs regularly for Huffington Post - here . I always appreciate Bob Chase’s blogs, too (Intersections International). Chase’s latest, “Thank you, Mr. President,” is here.

· The NICC Board of Trustees Member Relations Committee met last week and will recommend to the full board at their April meeting that six new members be approved, three faith-related organization and three individuals. They are:

o Greater Chicago Broadcast Ministries, Chicago, Illinois – http://www.gcbm.org

o Jewish Theological Seminary, New York, New York – http://www.jtsa.edu

o National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership, New York, New York – http://www.clal.org

o Ava Martin, Chicago, Illinois (Ava is the former ELCA public media director)

o Claudia McGeary, Founder & director of Faith in Africa

o Susan L. Williams, Allentown, Pennsylvania http://www.susanwilliamsassociates.com

Warmest wishes in these cold days in the east!