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Thursday, April 21, 2011


T2T e-mail for April 21, 2011

Here's my latest T2T (from "Time to Time") e-mail for Odyssey Networks' members and friends:


I like to write you from “Time to Time” (T2T):

Warmest greetings in this holiest of weeks for Christians and Jews.

With the addition of the eleven new members approved by our Board of Trustees earlier this month, Odyssey now has 94 members: 27 faith groups, 53 faith related organizations and 14 individuals, up from 52 members in January of last year. Our eleven news members include these faith-related organizations: Greater Chicago Broadcast Ministries – www.gcbm.org; Jewish Theological Seminary – www.jtsa.edu; Journal for Inter-Religious Dialogue – www.irdialogue.org; National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership (Clal) – www.clal.org; Regional Council of Churches of Atlanta – www.rccatl.org; Women of Spirit and Faith – www.womenofspiritandfaith.org ; and these individuals: Norris Chumley (film producer), Rebecca Larson (www.actalliance.org), Ava Martin (television producer), Claudia McGeary (Faith in Africa email newsletter), and Susan Williams (communication professional). Welcome to all!

It is still possible to register for our May 9 – 11 Annual Member Gathering – registration materials are online at www.odysseynetworks.org/may-2011-member-gathering. Whether or not you can attend, please help us by publicizing the special May 10th event, “9/11, the Conversation We Never Had,” which is part of the member gathering but open to everyone. Please send the online link to this event - www.odysseynetworks.org/may-10-invitation - to your e-mail list and link it to your website. We’d love to fill every seat of the Scholastic Event Center auditorium that day! There is no cost to attend, but preregistration is necessary.

Rabbi David Saperstein is one of our three keynote speakers for the May 10th event. Saperstein was just named one of the 50 most influential rabbis in the USA by Newsweek and the Daily Beast (he is #3). Others on the list include Rabbi Irwin Kula (#20), from our new member the National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership – Clal, and Rabbi Burton Visotzky (#23), from our new member the Jewish Theological Seminary. You can see the complete listing online at www.thedailybeast.com/blogs-and-stories/2011-04-16/50-most-influential-rabbis-in-america/full/full/. There are individual pages online for each rabbi at www.thedailybeast.com/galleries/2809/1.

This is awards season for many of our members – congratulations to all! Odyssey has also received a number of awards:
* Beyond Mumbai: Hope and Healing has won the Interfaith Film Festival 2011 “Forgiveness” Award and is an “official honoree” for documentary series for this year’s Webby Awards – see www.odysseynetworks.org/faith/beyond-mumbai-hope-and-healing
* The Scroll of Esther: Remarkable Artistry, a piece we produced for Coexist to use on their Call in Faith channel, has won a Telly Silver Award for Religion & Spirituality – see www.odysseynetworks.org/call/three-faiths-exhibition-sacred-texts.
* Dialogue over Threatened Quran Burning received an Award of Excellence from the Religion Communicators Council’s 2011 DeRose Hinkhouse awards – see www.odysseynetworks.org/video/odyssey/dialogue-over-threatened-quran-burning. (We did a follow up piece just last week – see www.odysseynetworks.org/video/odyssey-networks/quran-burning-how-media-inflames-extremism).

Beverly Lewis’ The Shunning, our new television film for the Hallmark Channel, premiered last weekend and was the #1 cable movie of the day and the #2 movie of the week! Did you miss it? Hallmark is repeating The Shunning tomorrow, Friday, April 22, at 9:00 pm and Sunday,April 24, at 5:00 pm (both Eastern & Pacific times).

The Baha’i Faith continues to promote its new Call on Faith channel in very creative ways. Check out their new Call on Faith promotional video - www.youtube.com/watch?v=urXQvAoUfeY.

Our current web series, The Politics of Hunger, follows key faith leaders who are fasting to protest federal government cut backs in programs for the poor and hungry. Check them out at www.odysseynetworks.org/faith/the-politics-of-hunger.

In addition to approving eleven new members, Odyssey’s Board of Trustees approved a four-year strategic plan at their meeting earlier this month. The plan includes aggressive goals for fund raising – $300,000 this year alone! Your tax-deductible gift can help – you can give online at www.odysseynetworks.org or send your check, payable to "Odyssey Networks," to me in the mail. Thank you!

I look forward to seeing many of you in May here in New York!