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Monday, August 13, 2007


Saturday afternoon at the ELCA Churchwide Assembly

Somehow, by the grace of God and the good leadership of Bishop Hanson with the fine support of other churchwide staff, the assembly finished its business on Saturday afternoon.

The major item left on the agenda was a resolution of support for Lutherans in Palestine. The resolution, with several amendments, was approved. In it, ELCA members are urged to support Lutherans in Palestine not only with prayer but also with "pocketbook," purchasing products produced by Palestinians and avoiding products produced in the illegal Jewish settlements on Palestinian territry. (I'm not sure there are any products produced in these illegal settlements, but the resolution was important symbolism for our support for our sister and brother Lutherans in Palestine). I cannot find the text of that resolution, but will share it later if/wehe I can find it.

The recommendations of the Blue Ribbon Committee on ELCA Financial Support were also approved. So were several resolutions for the assembly Reference and Council committee - nothing of major import from my vantage point. There were reports from Lutheran Disaster Response and Lutheran Services in America.

Before he closed the assembly, Bishop Hanson asked us to share with folks around us what were the images we were taking home from this assembly. I took home, again, the realization of the wonderful ministry we are able to do together in our church, both at "home" in North America and around the world.

I will have some further reflections to share in a follow up note.

Living in God's amazing grace back home in Lansdale,


I would be interested to hear what Bishop Younan had to say about the memorial passed on Saturday in support of Lutherans in Palestine.
Bishop Younan spoke strongly in favor of this memorial. I had breakfast with him on Sunday morning and he was feeling quite affirmed and supported by the assembly's action on this memorial.
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