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Thursday, July 07, 2011


From "Time to Time" (T2T) for June 29, 2011

Here is my latest from "Time to Time" (T2T) e-mail to members and friends of Odyssey Networks:


I like to write to you from “Time to Time” (T2T):

· Will you be in the New York City area on Thursday, July 28th? If so, you are invited to a 7:00 pm private screening of Odyssey’s new documentary for the Oprah channel, Serving Life, which debuts on the channel later that evening. RSVP to Jocelyn – jdupre@odysseynetworks.org .

· Serving Life, our new Oprah channel documentary, debuts on that cable channel (OWN) on Thursday, July 28th at 9:00 pm eastern and pacific times. There has been some confusion about this air date – it definitely is July 28th! More at http://bit.ly/k2HY8U . Please spread the word! Thank you.

· 100 Strong! When the Odyssey Board of Trustees meets in July they will consider membership applications from six new members, five faith-related organizations and one individual. Assuming these applications are accepted, Odyssey will then have 100 members an increase of nearly 100% since January of 2010 (when we had 52 members)! Thus, we are focusing our Monday, September 26th member gathering here in New York City on the theme “100 Strong!” In celebration of members, we will offer several occasions to network, find out collaboration opportunities, and hear short presentations from all members. Many of you have already heard from Deb Mathews about our gathering which precedes the NCC Communication Commission meetings also here in New York City that week. Many more details coming but please hold the date – Monday, September 26, with activities beginning here at the InterChurch Center at 2:00 pm.

· Recently, thanks to member Josh Stanton, Odyssey was featured in the newsletter of the Parliament of the World Religions. You can see that article online at http://bit.ly/k1oSFK .

· Odyssey’s video, No Future for Terrorism, available at http://bit.ly/kp8A4o, was featured in the June 26th broadcast of the Greater Chicago Broadcast Ministries program “Sanctuary” on ABC channel 7 in Chicago. More at http://www.gcbm.org.

· Odyssey has won six awards for our video productions from 2010:

o The Scroll of Esther, a video for Call on Faith won two awards –

§ Award of Excellence, the Communicator Awards

§ Silver Award, the Telly Awards

o Beyond Mumbai: Hope and Healing won three awards –

§ Award of Excellence, Videographer Awards

§ Official Honoree, the Webby Awards

§ “Forgiveness” Award, the Interfaith Film Festival

o Dialogue over Threatened Quran Burning won an Award of Excellence from the DeRose Hinkhouse Awards, presented by the Religion Communicators Council.

· Many of you know Odyssey’s Bill Reilly. After many years, Bill is leaving us on June 30th, and is excited about the upcoming challenges and opportunities facing him. Bill would love to hear from his Odyssey friends – you can write him at Wm.SpencerReilly@gmail.com .

· I am pleased to report that 100% of Odyssey’s Board of Trustees has made a financial contribution to support our work! This is a first for us and compliments the strong staff giving this year. Foundations support is crucial for us now, and they look for support from within first – from trustees, staff and members. So, we count on you, our members to help us, too. You can send your donation, checks payable to “Odyssey Networks,” to me at our offices or use the “Support Us” link on our website, http://www.odysseynetworks.org, for a credit card donation. Thank you!

· We recently produced three video news stories for the web on the issue of gay and lesbian clergy that have had strong viewership and wide distribution – Huffington Post, CNN and more. Here are the links:

o My Journey as a Lesbian Pastor http://bit.ly/kKBbRv

o Living with Differences: Two Congregations, Two Viewpoints on Gay Clergyhttp://bit.ly/iVB5Kb

o Living with Differences: PC(USA)’s Struggle Over Gay Clergyhttp://bit.ly/jAStsb

Intersections International’s CEO (and Odyssey Board of Trustee’s member) Bob Chase wrote about these videos: “Just wanted you to know that I believe this video, Living With Differences…, is one of the most helpful videos I have ever seen on the subject of LGBT inclusion … It portrays both sides of the equation without bias – GREAT journalism, so rare in this world … And GREAT job by your producers, editors, etc. to create this piece.”

· I recently celebrated the 35th anniversary of my ordination as a Lutheran pastor and reflected upon this journey on my blog. You can read it in my previous blog post here.


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